A Socially Entrepreneurial Company is one which trades primarily to balance and support social needs with that of making profit. The main aim is to produce work and to create an effect which is good for the community and society. Profit is sought in the process, but not for dividends for share-holders, but to use profit made after taking a fair average wage for work done, and exploit it for the good of the community being served.

Onview.net Ltd through its main Director - Maurice Smith - was a pioneering business in this category back in 1995. Today, Social Entrepreneurial Businesses are not really part of the current aims of the 'Status Quo', but remains an idealised state of balancing work, income, taxes, and output which serves all concerned rather than non-productive entities gathering interest without investing physical skill and work.  Socierty will become disillusioned (rightly so) with the narrow objectives of corporates, and goverments. Social Entrepreneural entities are the fundemental tools which will ultimately transform our society into a fairer and more just one.

Such ideas might seem futile depending upon the era we live in and the domination of information. All information has a profound effect on a cuture and and on the distibution of wealth.

Effectively, information is the true power which can serve a people or distort its direction.

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